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I’ll sum up this week’s update in very simple terms: 4 niggahs, all football players from the Negro college down the way, lotsa fucking & sucking that sort of thing, lotsa back seed everywhere (mostly on me)…just lotsa crazy shit! I dressed up in one of my favorite little outfits, and I guess it turned those guys on. But I didn’t really appreciate them much. All they could do is laugh and giggle at me while they were fucking. I mean, we started with a dick sucking line, which I thought they would like…and I suppse they did, but even with all that black dick in my mouth, they were still making jokes and wisecracking! Crazy niggahs!! Duh! Act your age, not your IQ!! They took turns fucking me, and that was nice…and this is one of my first shoots with lotsa guys, so when the black cum started flying all over the place, I was a bit freaked out…but I took it like a true black cock teen in training! I will say, there was some size here, and after this week’s update, my cootch was a bit sore. And man, I sure was a mess when it was all said and done. Afterwards those guys just hauled ass, and left me there to shower all the seed off…what a crazy ass shoot!

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